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The goals of UNESCO chair on school health education include creation of platform for research innovation and sharing of knowledge; uniting efforts of different governmental and non-governmental organization, universities, and institutions; funding and mobilizing resources; building capacities; and conducting and funding researches in the field of school health. SIU formed many partnerships on both national and regional levels.

Context and justification:

The school population in Sudan consists of about 7.9 million children of the age group 6-18 according to Sudan educational statistics 2014-2015. The goal of the school health program is to ensure that these children are healthy, capable of promoting their own health, the health of the family and the community and are able to optimally benefit from the educational opportunities provided. This includes opportunities provided to obtain correct information and develop life skills to prevent reproductive health problems, nutritional problems, substance abuse, stress, violence and communicable as well as non-communicable diseases which are the common problems among these children. Since the Health of the school child is a shared responsibility of the Ministries of Health and Education, a close collaboration is maintained between the sectors.

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  • Focusing efforts and mobilizing resources in the field of school health through workshops and conferences.
  • Encouraging and funding research in the field of school health.
  • Building capacities of school health teachers.
  • Assessing the effect of diet on intellectual development of children.
  • To emphasize the need for school based nutritional education.
  • Promoting lifelong healthy eating habits through comprehensive school health

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  1. Collaborate globally on research, training and dissemination.
  2. Conduct applied research and produce knowledge for evidence-informed policies and practices.
  3. Promote and conduct training and capacity building.
  4. Disseminate and implement action-oriented knowledge at local, regional, national and global levels.



The Chair promotes a strategy of social change by introducing an innovative way of practicing prevention, health education and health promotion. It combines the knowledge of health determinants with socialcultural practices. This leads to a balanced approach between environmental changes and capacity building. As defined in the agreement with UNESCO, the following strategic objectives support the overall vision:



  1. Every child and young person ( 6-18 year) has a fundamental right to education, well-being and a healthy life.
  2. Non-discrimination, solidarity, equality of opportunity and treatment, and universal access to education, health and well-being underpin all activities of the Chair.
  3. Pluralism and appropriateness of activities and recommendations are recognized and taken into account as health and education of children and young people are rooted in different socioeconomically, environmental, political, cultural and religious contexts.



  1. NAME OF THE HOST INSTITUTION: Sudan International University
  2. FULL ADRESS OF HOST INSTITUTION: P, O Box 12769 Khartoum -Sudan.
  3. EXECUTING INSTITUTION: Sudan International University
  4. PROJECT LEADER: Professor Bakri Osman Saeed
    • Professor of MBBS, PhD, PGCME, FRCPath, FRCP
    • Full contact address: Tel: +249912151144
    • E-mail: bakri.saeed@siu-sd.com
  5. FACULTY CONCERNED: Faculty of Medicine Sudan International University.
  6. DICIPLINE CONCERNED: Community Medicine
  7. AREA OF OPERATION: West, North of Omdurman and North of Sudan
  8. DURATION PERIOD: Five Years



  1. National University Sudan
  2. Sudanese Association of schools of medicine and health sciences
  3. University of Khartoum
  4. Sudan University of Science and Technology – UNESCO chair in women science and technology
  5. Federal Ministry of Health
  6. Omdurman Islamic University – UNESCO chair in water resources.
  7. Arab Network for Literacy and Adult Education
  8. Education For All Somalia